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CA $35.00

BSAFE™ - BC Safety Assured For Everyone

Begins 04/01/2021

BSAFE is a new online health and safety training  program designed to ensure foundational health and safety knowledge in  BC’s tourism and hospitality businesses to keep everyone safe as we move  through the COVID-19 pandemic.

BSAFE stands for BC Safety Assured For Everyone. Our tagline, “Your Trust, Our Priority”, is our pledge and our promise.

What You’ll Learn:

BSAFE is comprised of 5 modules that cover a variety  of topics to give you a foundational understanding of COVID-19 health  and safety protocols as well as tips on handling non-compliance.

  • Module 1 Understanding the Legal Context for COVID-19
  • Module 2 Keep Yourself and Others Safe
  • Module 3 Keeping Records
  • Module 4 Communicating Effectively with Your Team and Guests
  • Module 5 Responding to Challenging Interactions (scenarios)
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